DIY Room Decorations

room decorations

DIY Room Decorations

Create your own dry erase board! Show off your individuality and creativity, share your thoughts, favorite quotes, favorite moments of the day, and more! Check out these DIY room decorations!

room decorations

Here are the steps:

1.   Sand the wooden surface.

2.   Coat the surface with dry erase paint.

3.   Let it dry overnight!


Check out this video for more specific instructions.

You can also hang wall decals with your favorite symbols, celebs, quotes and more! They even make decals of artists like One Direction! There are also decals that come in different colors to hold up pictures of friends and family on your walls!

Lights (like you see during Christmas) can also be super fun to hang in your room. Whether you choose pink, blue, multi-color, or whatever your heart desires, these lights can be a relaxing addition to any room!

Cut outs and special picture frames to tack to your wall can also be made from cutting colorful construction paper! Layer the colors, like pink with orange or blue with green, for more diversity and decoration!

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