DIY – Pastel Studded Pouch

Get your creative juices and hands ready for this zipper pouch that’s functional but oh so cute in a pastel ombre number, perfect for a weekend out.



4 colors of spray paint (one shade from light to dark to create the ombre effect), 1/4 yard of vinyl fabric (or tarpaulin, or any other fabric you like to use), zipper, 80-100 studs and a sewing machine.


Arrange the studs, do 10 columns and 8 rows about 3/4″apart. Divide them into 4 sections. Then separate them into 4 different spaces for painting.

Paint the lowest left corner in your lightest color and the highest right corner, your darkest creating an ombre effect. You can buy or use a pre-made pouch or create one where your studs will go on

. If you decide to DIY your pouch, click the link below to find out how! Once you’ve gotten your pouch ready, insert the back screw side of your studs from the side of the pouch, to the outside, or glue them if you’re using flat sided studs.

It depends on the kind of studs that you have! Click the link below for more details and tell us if you’ve managed to recreate this pretty pouch!

Credit to: Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, fashionistadisa.

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