DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas

jelly bean bracelet

DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas 

Check out some DIY jelly bean crafts below! Get creative, have fun and you get to eat your creations when you’re done. As long as there’s not glue or paint added!

Edible Jelly Bean bracelet!

Edible-Jelly-Bean-Bracelet.jpg, diy jelly beans


Make a Jelly Bean candle! So, yum-tastic!

Jelly-Bean-Candle.jpg, diy jelly beans


Make a Jelly Bean necklace

jelly-bean-necklace.jpg, diy jelly beans


Make a Jelly Bean card

Jelly-Bean-Card.jpg, diy jelly beans


And, how about a spring-tastic Jelly Bean flower vase!

Jelly-Bean-Vase.jpg, diy jelly beans


Comment and tell us what you think!

We need some holiday looks with jelly beans so submit a blog with your pics here and we can post it!


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