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Why should your daughter start a business when she is young?

Because you want her employed and successful for the rest of her life!

Starting a business is not just about the nuts and bolts of running a company. The skills that young people learn through business start-up are incredible life building blocks. They include:
• Planning for the future
• Getting comfortable taking risks
• Marketing one’s personal brand
• And becoming savvy about handling money

I’ll share a story that can really dive into this idea
I attended a scholarship benefit dinner recently. To my surprise, I knew one of the student winners – a student who has participated in my Moms and Daughters Inc workshop a few times. She along with 9 other students were acknowledged individually and given the microphone like the Oscars for their two minute thank you speech.

building self-esteemWhat does the student I know do? She tells a story. She knew that everyone else would thank their long list of friends and family and hand the microphone to the next winner. So in order to ensure that she stood out from the crowd, she crafted her story – to both engage her audience and share her thanks. Although she did extend past the two minute mark, everyone was on the edge of their seat listening to her and compelled at how she drew the full picture of where she started when she entered school to where she had arrived.
It worked so well that several attendees were talking to her after the event. And she let me know that one was interested in interviewing her for an internship opportunity.

That’s how it works. She learned how to develop her story and showcase her professional brand – yes even students’ have professional brands. And in a sea of amazing talented other students, she stood out to receive potential opportunities.

So I don’t suggest that you push your daughter to become the next business mogul.

But do challenge her to step outside of her comfort zone and create a plan for something that she would like to sell. The more mission driven – the better. Then start by creating some basic marketing materials and get feedback. Once the feedback has helped her refine her idea, start selling to her friends and family and ask for recommendations. Yes, it can get hard to hear “no” or even silence in the selling phase but the more persistence she is – the better she’ll become.

It’s that simple!

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