Creative Exposure

How was your weekend?  I found myself sitting in a music hall, listening to the New Zealand string quartet play beautifully… while dressed as goldilocks and the three bears.  It was extra exotic, as I  am not one for classical music. Regardless, there I was, rationing out fuzzy peach candies to my four year old as he sat rapt with delight (can you even believe a four year old boy actually sat and listened? Fuzzy Peaches had a bit to do with it).


We all try to expose our kids to the things that we loved growing up.  For me that was art classes, drama, and reading the Babysitters Club.  Our kids also get exposure to all the things we love as adults.  The challenge lies in trying to expose kids to the arts/ideas/sports that are NOT our thing.  Tough, right?  But, you just never know what will resonate with that young brain you are in charge of.  So, even though it’s hard to get past the fact that I know so very little about classical music.  It doesn’t matter.  Because it’s not about me.  It’s about the little sponge sitting beside me, hands gummy learning to appreciate things that I can’t.


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