Create Great Pizza Recipes Using Inspiration

Create Great Pizza Recipes Using Inspiration

Conduct a search for pizza recipes and you will be overwhelmed by the number of responses that are returned. How is a person supposed to find the perfect recipe for tonight’s dinner or tomorrow night’s party?

Quit searching for the answer online, and look for inspiration in your kitchen! You can create your own great tasting recipes using your favorite foods as inspiration. Besides being a great tasting food, pizza is very versatile. Almost anything tastes better on a pizza pie. Instead of sticking with the traditional pepperoni or searching the internet for inspiration, our family began creating our own recipes using our favorite foods.

One of the ‘craziest’ ideas we tried was to turn a favorite holiday dip into a recipe. For the holidays my wife always prepares a delicious dip that is served with crackers, and accompanies it with other appetizers. The dip is a hit with our friends and family…so while trying to come up with a dinner idea shortly after the holidays were over, we noticed we had the holiday dip ingredients left over in the refrigerator. Now our families’ cranberry and mandarin orange relish with brie cheese is also a favorite pizza recipe.

It worked great…and is a change of pace from more traditional ingredients.

cheese pizza recipe

Everyone has probably tried a BBQ Chicken pie made famous by California Pizza Kitchens (CPK). It is quite obvious where the inspiration for this recipe came from, so what once was eaten for dinner is now a gourmet staple.

You do not need to put on a bunch of toppings on the pie to be creative, the spice cabinet alone is full of wonderful, exotic flavors that can quickly and easily create a delicious meal. In fact, just a little sauce and cheese is how I prefer to eat most of my pies. Garlic powder, chili powder, dried oregano or basil, really just about anything will taste delicious.

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