Crazy Cool Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Happy Easter, Miss O girls! This year, use your imagination to create cool and unique, decorative, easter eggs. Need inspiration? Check out our ideas below!

1. Snorkeling Eggs. Anyone can ‘sea’ that these eggs are adorable! Dip the bottom half of the egg in a color of your choice to create the swimsuit. Put a rubber band around the top 1/3 of the egg, and use glue to attach a water bottle cap mask. Make sure to add eyes! Cut neon straws about an inch down from the bended section, and glue the straw on the side of the mask. Finally, use black duct tape to create mini flippers for the egg.

2. Bunny Eggs. Every’bunny’ will love these festive eggs. Leave the eggs completely white. Attach a small, pink pom-pom to the center of the egg for the nose. Use a black marker to draw eyes and whiskers around the pom-pom. Cut bunny ears out of white computer paper and glue them to the back of the egg.


3. Sky Eggs. The sky is the limit with these unique eggs! First, dip-dye the eggs light blue. Once they dry, dab white paint on the eggs using a sponge to create puffy white clouds. If you’re feeling creative, use paint to add birds, planes, or the sun!

4. Alien Eggs. These eggs are out of this world cool! Dye the egg a color of your choice, and draw classic alien eyes, a nose, and a small mouth with black marker. Customize your alien with rhinestones, stickers, ribbons, buttons, and more!

5. Striped Eggs. These eggs are simple and classy. Put strips of tape around the eggs, then dip-dye them in a fun color. After the eggs dry, remove the tape and see the beautiful stripes!

6. Bedazzled Eggs. You won’t find eggs more glamorous than these! Dye or paint your egg, then glue on shiny rhinestones. Use multiple shapes, sizes, and colors to put your own spin on it! Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, MissCaroline.

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