Cooking with your kids: Get in the Kitchen and Cook

easy cooking with kids

Cooking with your kids

3 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids

easy cooking with kids

1. Cooking Kids are Less Picky. Many parents know the stress of picky eaters. Some won’t eat broccoli because it looks like a tree, others won’t try new foods because they dislike textures. When kids help to prepare foods, they are more likely to eat it.

2. Cooking Provides Sensory Experiences. Do you remember the first time you cracked an egg? The sound, the look of the eggshell cracking and the yolk leaking out? What about the smells when you graduated to pan frying foods? These are experiences you can share with your children, from a young age.

3. Cooking Imparts Memories.  For some, the memory of making bread, getting up to their elbows in flour, or punching down slightly sticky dough as it rises is a great memory. Helping mom or dad or grandma to make their favorite treat links that food to a loved one in their memory.

A Pasta Recipe to Make With Kids

Pasta is typically a kid-pleasing Italian meal, and there are ways to get even the youngest of kid chefs involved. Consider Squished Tomato Sauce with store bought spaghetti.

cooking with your kids

Squished Tomato Sauce


Two dozen cherry tomatoes

Two large tomatoes

A handful of basil and oregano leaves

Olive oil

Green or black olives if desired)
First, an adult or older child should chop the large tomatoes, reserving as much of the juice as possible. Set aside.  Place the cherry tomatoes in a bowl that won’t move if kids get excited and jostle it. Have children squeeze the cherry tomatoes into the bowl until they pop, then tear the flesh of the tomatoes into small chunks.  Pour the tomato juice and chunks of larger tomato into the bowl with squished cherry tomatoes.  Next, tear up oregano and basil leaves, sprinkling them into the tomato mixture. If desired, have kids tear up the olives and sprinkle into the tomato mixture. Stir the mixture to incorporate the spices and to cover the tomatoes with juice. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt, also if desired. Serve over cooked, drained pasta.

Source: Criniti’s Italian Restaurant’s blog here.


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