Choosing a sport your child will enjoy


Dr. Daniel Green Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Daniel Green, orthopedic surgeon from Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, sharing some of his expert advice on Sports Medicine and what to expect when your daughter starts playing after school sports.

We’ll be bringing you a variety of questions and answers he has provided to us, but feel free to ask him a few of your own! We’ll get him right on it!!

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How should I choose which sports my young child joins? What factors should I keep in mind?

The focus here should be on what the child expresses interest in. The athlete and the parents shouldlacrosse work together to find the sports that offer the best possibleexperience for the child. My job is to make sure that the athlete can get back to the activity of their choice. Sports have so many upsides; promoting strategy, teams, physical activity—we are strong supporters of kids and sports. It’s important to make sure it’s the child driving the interest in the sport and not the parent. As they go through different stages of development, young athletes might want to change a sport that they had been excelling in, and if they want to change gears, it’s important to listen to them.


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