Chocolate Holders


Here is how to make cute little chocolate holders out of empty t.p. rolls this is what you’ll need…

1. As many toilet paper rolls as desired(each toilet roll is one holder)

2. Paint of any color

3. One six inch piece of ribbon for each toilet paper roll



1) Use your paint and FULLY cover each roll. second cotes may be needed. You can make any pattern or use one color. Do NOT use any water paint they will soak the roll)

2) Set to dry it will take from 5-10 sometimes 15 min.

3) Take one edge and put it pointing up. Fold one side in so you get a half circle.

4) Then repeat with the other side, but over lapping the first.

5) Repeat with other edge. Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, memariamia.

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