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children of divorce

Children of Divorce helpful advice

One of the reasons that some folkdivorces stay together instead of getting a divorce is a concern about what the divorce will do to their children. Staying together for the sake of the kids becomes more important than their own safety, sanity, or happiness.

Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D. in his article, “Does Divorce Inevitably Damage Children?” says the answer to that question, based on current research, is no.


“… it is possible for children not only to survive this crisis, but to emerge from it stronger and happier in the long run … What the researchers found was that, three years after separation or divorce, the divorced children were, as a group, more similar to children of intact families than different. In other words, divorce does not invariably lead to psychological, social, legal, or academic problems. At the three-year mark, the majority of children of divorce appear to have weathered the storm, psychologically speaking, and are no different from their non-divorced peers.”

Nowinski’s article explains the importance of the first three years after a divorce and also lists key developmental tasks facing children of different ages. If you are looking at your options of staying or ending your marriage and have concerns about your children, read Nowinski’s article.

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