A TED talk on Building Self Esteem by Niko Everett

stopping bullies

A TED talk worth listening to on building self esteem.

Building our own self esteem? Is that possible? Is there anything we love about ourselves? Do we feel we are never good enough?

Niko Everett would like to introduce you to someone she thinks you should know-YOU! As the founder of Girls for Change, Niko has helped many young teens find themselves and appreciate who they are and how great they really are. Here’s a short TED talk we think you will find worth while watching.

Watch Juliette Brindak, one of the co-founders of Miss O & Friends (www.misso.com) a 100% safe COPPA Compliant socialization brand for tween and young teen girls. Our mission is help young girls build self-esteem by creating a safe environment where girls can just be themselves talk about growing up as a tween,girl

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  1. Kelley Nielsen

    Telling people your problems does nothing but make you a whiner.

  2. Siemianowicee

    Dear Akim, It would be good if you used some normal-use dictionary words
    rather than the artistic notion you are trying to share by the words you
    did use. . If you could use normal words others may know what your real
    sentiment is. . Like the fellow speaking it is good to share something with
    another, you’ll fell better within yourself, providing that the person you
    tell can understand you. . . Note, that it is common among schizophrenics
    to give words new and different meanings. . o0o

    1. Miss O Moms

      I really liked this video. It felt real and authentic. Glad we could post it.

  3. Siemianowicee

    That is true if you tell everyone. If you told the type of person that the
    speaker suggests, no one would know that you were a whiner. . Because that
    person would keep your confidence, so, you would not obtain a reputation as
    a whiner, as you say, for that reason. . You could become know as a whiner
    for some other completely unrelated to your problem reason. . For eg. you
    could just be a type of person that likes to complain about others & this,
    if you do it often enough would make you a whiner.

  4. Siemianowicee

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  5. Akim Stephenson

    @siemianowicee Those words are all in the dictionary, the dictionary is
    regularly updated. If your talking about the word ‘chilled’ that word can
    be used informally to express a state of calmness, as in “chill out, and
    stop reading into things that aren’t there” or “This guy implied i had
    mental illness but I stayed chilled” or even “shut the fuck up with that
    unregistered, unlicensed and unhelpful pyscological advice! No one wants to
    hear it, chill out!” Just to give a few examples.

  6. Siemianowicee

    to find out, you use your imagination. . Simple, really.

  7. Siemianowicee

    are you wanting to buy drugs, or are you really talking about the speaker?
    . What is the similar feeling that you have with the other fellow? What
    were you feeling prior to the feeling you had? Were you previously not
    feeling anything? . Can you use dictionary words to describe the feelings
    you had before (if any) and the ‘after’ feeling you heard the cannabis
    words, please. . . Are you a registered schizophrenic? if so, do please
    mention that in your response comment. . . Cheers. from, del-boy

  8. Siemianowicee

    pneumatictrousers 3 months ago This has been flagged as spam hide • Not
    Spam Self Esteem … … … Reply: Any references ?

  9. Siemianowicee

    Don’t listen to me, he’s the expert. If you were serious about any
    perceived personal problem you had you’d go for therapy, even where you
    live, you can get free therapy . At therapy the therapist or doctor will
    really simply be coaching you to use your imagination, like the fellow
    here, says, too . Some people are happy with their problems and may not
    really want healing nor to feel better; you may be one of those types, so
    don’t beat yourself up about staying as you are . Cheers. from, del-boy

  10. Mr. Dingus

    I hate to be “that guy” but…GO AWAY TROLL.

  11. Mr. Dingus

    Replying to your YouTube comment does not meet the legal definition of
    “stalking”, sir.

  12. Siemianowicee

    stop stalking me !

  13. Jessica Flynn

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    jealous. Does that make me a horrible person?

  14. Skye Cline

    What happenes when everyone you know judges you, backstabs, you, or doesn’t

  15. MadRazzex

    Find someone who doesn’t know you that well, but one you can trust to not
    gossip about you. Since that person doesn’t know you really well, he’ll
    have no personal image of you and will not expect certain behaviour friends
    and family usually expect. This sets you free of bias and the person will
    answer in a more practical, objective way instead of judging you.

  16. MadRazzex

    No. I think your pride is just hurt. It’s best to humble yourself and
    accept the situation. Maybe you’ll find someone even better in then future.
    You never know 😉

  17. MadRazzex

    Ever considered visiting that site too? If you hate the idea, it’s probably
    because it would hurt you pride. But why not, right? If it worked for

  18. Ninja Ginga

    i have only one question. what if you feel as though you have no one you
    trust enough to take the first step of self disclosure?

  19. Bubbles177

    I would like this video, but he’s reading from a prompt, so I don’t feel
    this is true.

  20. Benz2025

    I wish it was that easy

  21. Sheryll Petgrave

    This is great stuff!

  22. Lanelle Frankin

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  23. Katrina Clifford

    Amazing! A must see for every 15 yr old & beyond

  24. spygirl200586

    “Find your Julie”…that should be easy for me because my name is Julie. 🙂
    Love the positivity Niko! Great speech.

  25. Erin Reilly

    Incredibly compelling & personal. And just the right amount of practical
    pointers on how we can create a world full of people who feel great about

  26. geekgroupie42

    i totally agree… i’ve had to learn that self esteem can’t really have any
    reasons, it’s not about a checklist of good points (but make one, coz it is
    really nice) it’s about having self esteem because it’s makes sense –
    you’ve gotta put up with you! also this video is shit.. these techniques
    are really outdated.

  27. DrHowbeit

    This might work for some but to a great extent it seems she’s drawing a
    line from “achievement” to “self-esteem”. For instance “I’m a good artist”.
    If my self-esteem is depending on the quality of my art it will also
    crumble when I struggle in my artistic endeavours. I can’t help to think
    that self-esteem is something that ought to exist on a deeper level, not
    being linked to how good or bad I am at something.

  28. jar77FU

    This is the first TED talk I am ever marking down.

  29. DrHowbeit

    Thanks for your response. Curious thing is that I’ve tried this method. For
    a period I forced myself to end the day praising myself for at least three
    things. It got boring real fast. I felt like “Ok. Fine. So what?”. In
    actuality “good” is a relative value. The speaker says “I’m 21 and I think
    I’m just as successful as my friends.” Comparing yourself to others does
    little for your self-esteem in the long-term. You’re only as good or bad as
    your point of reference.

  30. goldenlindsay14

    life has it’s gross moments. get over it. she is being honest and someone
    out there with bulimia is relating to her experience and realizing that
    they can overcome their struggles.

  31. hiddenseele

    I really loved the way you talk about your experience with the girls. You
    transmit such a positive enegy and it seems you are about to cry about how
    important this was for you. I will definitely take your advice into account
    and hopefully will be able to do the same with my students.

  32. Meneghettiism

    wow. thank you very much, your video filled my eyes with tears.. i never
    found 10 things for my list before watching – now i’ve got them 🙂

  33. renjer merah

    i was searching about social anxiety and i found this video

  34. lakshmi priya

    Superior Video! I am more of a mind person, so I believe in facts. I even
    use an iPhone app called “dr love” by lokesh which keeps telling me how
    much I love myself across different aspects of my life and then I take
    corrective actions.

  35. TheFlowMind

    Right now i’ll find very hard to be friend myself….i’m quite irritating

  36. Serina Mitchner

    You are on point with everything. Thank you for sharing your past in a
    positive way!

  37. Anas Mansour

    I’ve always believed and still believe that self-esteem builds up
    self-confidence.And self-esteem can be built not only by ourselves, but
    also by the people around us. I’ve seen many people that tend to give
    compliments to their friends, they just start sending positive thoughts to
    them by the idea of acknowledging them and believing in them. That’s
    usually what makes people think positively about themselves ignoring the
    negative thoughts that are usually brought up by their enemies or friends.

  38. TheAmazed5

    what she is saying is nice and all but I can’t get all the negative things
    people have said about me out of my head

  39. Wednesday Addams

    If you only have positive thoughts about yourself, wouldn’t you eventually
    just become a narcissist. Negative thoughts are good for a reality check
    from time to time.

  40. declan mather

    i’m going to do my list of 10 things now ,i really need that change ,i’m 41
    years old and got to the stage that i take diazipam just to feel good about
    my self even though i have done nothing wrong.

  41. Marion Colombo

    great job!

  42. Vincent Harms

    Inspiring, I could say a lot about this video but I just say: Thank you!

  43. yassmine khalfallah

    i feel like i dont wanna watch any other video after this , i dont wanna
    spoil this moment of awesomeness created by this inspirational fantastic
    Niko Everett ! 

  44. Vasile Surdu

    her face radiates so much positivity and joy.. great video
    the 10 list is very helpful if you do them everyday before bed

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