Building Real Self-Esteem

stopping bullies

Building Real Self-Esteem
Certain phrases in education have a way of grating on my ears. I’m referring now to the importance of self-esteem, which is considered sacrosanct. At least I thought so until I read a recent op-ed with a provocative headline (“Losing Is Good for You …
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stopping bullies

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem
Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem The foundation of self-esteem is love and acceptance. When a new father beams at his newborn daughter, she receives his loving devotion. When a mother comforts her two-year old son who is slow to warm up with otherĀ …
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Build your self-esteem by avoiding negativity
HOW we perceive ourselves, how we represent ourselves and how we talk about ourselves will eventually become a reality. If we think too poorly of ourselves, it is no longer humility but an act of self-deprecation. In order to develop a positive self …
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