How Blossoming in Spring Affects Our Health

It’s scientifically proven that the changes of the seasons influence our mood as well as our bodies.

And while most of us are looking forward to more sunshine, clear blue skies and warmer weather after cold and dark winter, spring too, unfortunately has its drawbacks. While many will be happy they’re finally able to spend as much time outside as possible, many people are not looking forward to the spring because for them that means it’s time to staple a tissue to the nose.

spring blossom

What is happening in spring?

While we’re used to winter being cold and summer being hot, spring weather is highly unpredictable and temperature fluctuates quite a bit. And unfortunately, due to climate changes and global warming, spring keeps coming earlier than we’re used to, this leads to spring health issues lasting longer than they should. These temperature changes that occur most frequently during spring can bring on more headaches, joint pain, tiredness, and most often, simple colds and allergies.

Even though we know colds are caused by viruses, that doesn’t mean that air temperature and humidity changes don’t affect the feeling of stuffiness in our nose. And while we’re looking forward to all the colors that come with spring, unfortunately, spring also brings allergies. Pollen is in the air and this might bring symptoms like watery and itchy eyes, runny or stuffy nose, and in some more severe cases, it might even cause bronchitis.

chilling outside in the open air

What helps?

While there is not much you can do about possible headaches or arthritis, there are some precautions you can take in order to fight allergies. Your doctor might recommend taking anti-allergy medication before the allergy season starts but there are also some simple things you can do around your house that can help. For example, leaving your shoes right at the door and asking your guests to do the same can help leave the allergens outside. In order to keep the pollen out, shut all your windows and instead of using a fan, it’s better to use an air conditioner. It is also recommended to use efficient air purifiers since they help trap particles that might carry allergens.

And even though you really want to go outside and enjoy the sun, if you have allergies you will have to limit your time spent outdoors, especially if it’s windy. If you do go out, try to avoid early morning hours since the pollen concentration is the highest then. Wearing sunglasses can help keep the pollen out of your eyes. Once you get back home, you might want to change your clothes, wash your hair and have a shower because this will remove all the allergens you might have brought with you.

doing yoga outside

But it doesn’t all have to be bad

If you are lucky enough and don’t have any issues that might come with spring or you have indeed found a way to deal with your allergies, you need to enjoy this season to the fullest. Warmer weather will surely tempt you to go outside more, and why not use this time to enjoy the fresh air until the heat waves start coming. The days are becoming longer so we can enjoy the daylight more and it can give us the opportunity to exercise more outside instead of going back into a dark gym. Spending more time outside and letting the sun shine on your skin will help produce more vitamin D which plays a role in the production of serotonin – otherwise known as the happiness hormone.

Seeing as how seasonal change is not something we can influence, we still need to spend our days enjoying ourselves and living our lives to the fullest. If you can, go outside as much as possible, but if you can’t you can still enjoy yourself. Make a nice cup of coffee, get your favorite book, sit by your window and make yourself comfortable and enjoy the view.

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