Birthday Card Ideas and a Sprinkle of Sand

birthday card ideas

Here are some birthday card ideas that are special and unique, especially if u want this birthday card to be beautiful..first,write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in BIG BOLD LETTERS… after that.. get some sand.. make sure its not dirty or mixed with other type of sand or soil.. then get some water glue.. ok, now you put the water glue on the big bold letters you wrote on your card.. Next, get the sand and sprinkle it on the glue… wait for a few minute or two then dust the sand off… the idea is.. the sand will stick to the glued paper and will form a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” MADE OUT OF SAND… put some extra glue so the sand sticks… it’s not only a great card for your loved ones.. but it also brings out the summer feeling… hope it works out. GOOD LUCK! Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, sindhiya.

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