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Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) February 09, 2012

Big Cat Entertainment, Inc is pleased to announce its newly formed partnership with renowned Mom site Big Cat Entertainment aims to capture the hearts of Moms across the nation with its animated program Mood Swings. Effective February 6, 2012, will broadcast animated shorts of a new comedy series Mood Swings as part of its co-operative launch of MyMoodies Online for Moms (M.O.M.) Network. The M.O.M. Network endeavors to build a flourishing online community with original TV-quality comedy programming just for Moms.


Founded by identical-twin-team Janice Croze and Susan Carraretto, is an innovative, go-to site for Moms which not only informs, but entertains while also promoting the rising online Mom community. A true pioneer in the Momosphere, 5MinutesForMom has been independently ranked by Technorati as the Top Family Blog in the USA, as well as #2 Top Parenting Blog by both Technorati and the Wall Street Journal.

Mood Swings is an exciting, original animated series based on the adventures of Moms with tween daughters, says Janice Croze, Founder of The collaboration with MyMoodiesTV adds some real creativity and fun to our site. We are thrilled about the partnership!

Big Cat Entertainment President Reginald Morris recognized the opportunity to partner MyMoodiesTV with Mom sites early on and has decided to offer Mood Swings to select Mom sites for FREE. Mom sites are, in almost every way, just like major cable TV networks that target Mothers. They offer content Moms are interested in, and they broadcast messages electronically through a screen just like TV. The only thing missing on Mom sites is entertainment programming.

Mom sites interested in FREE MyMoodiesTV content should make requests via email to marketing(at)myMoodies(dot)TV. MyMoodiesTV cartoons, comics, and additional content can be viewed at http://www.myMoodies.TV. The integration of the content into an existing website can be viewed at


Big Cat Entertainment, Inc., headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, was founded to empower women and girls through animated comedy shows. Combining the strengths of industry-proven writers, designers, and Emmy award-winning producers, Big Cat Entertainment produces Mood Swings a romantic comedy about Moms life when the kids arent around and MyMoodies, a story driven comedy featuring 4 middle school girls who find themselves in outlandish predicaments daily on account of a community that wont embrace them. Visit http://www.MyMoodies.TV/ for more information.


Founded by identical twin sisters Janice Croze and Susan Carraretto, 5 Minutes for provides an essential, go-to site for moms that entertains and informs, while promoting the online Mom community. 5 Minutes for Mom is not just for moms. They use the term Mom to include everyone who loves children and is interested in the types of things that generally interest Mothers. They are professional Mom bloggers and ecommerce storeowners. 5MinutesForMom has been independently ranked by Technorati as the Top Family Blog in the USA, as well as #2 Top Parenting Blog by both Technorati and the Wall Street Journal. For more information on 5 Minutes For Mom please visit



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