Best Kids Movies To Watch With Family

best kids movies

Movies to Watch with Tweens and Teens That Don’t Make You Look Like a Dork

Bond over Ferris Bueller, discuss Dead Poets, and transition your tweens and teens into a whole new world of movies.

Once your kids have outgrown the Disney princesses, the Kung Fu Pandas, and the Ice Ages of the world, picking something for family movie night can get a bit more challenging. If you want tweens and teens to admit to genuinely liking your choices (rather than just tolerating them with an eye roll), you’ll need something cool and sophisticated — just not too cool and sophisticated.

Here are a few of our favorite not-babyish, not-embarrassingly grown-up, best kids movies to add to your list:

For Tweens



  • The Princess Bride (age 8+): Romantic without being mushy, hilarious without resorting to potty humor, fast-paced without gratuitous violence — what’s not to love?



  • Back to the Future (age 10+): The ’80s references will soar right over the heads of today’s kids, but the clever premise, high stakes, and excellent performances still make this one a winner.


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