Top 5 Best Beauty Books to Read!

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Best Beauty Books to Read

The-craft-DIY-hair-beautyFashion and beauty are ever changing and hard to stay on top of at times. One of the best ways to get up to date tips and tricks is to look at different celebrity stylists and make up gurus. So, here’s a list of the top 5 beauty book reads you can page through for some inside info on what’s hot!

1. The Craft by Lou Teasdale

This will come as no surprise to any 1D fans because Lou happens to be their primary stylist and make up artist! She first came on the scene at the X Factor where she met the boys. Since then she has opened an extremely successful and awesome hair salon with her twin Sam and taken the beauty world by storm! She has an effortlessly cool and put together look about her and even in her sweats she pulls off the ‘London rocker chic’ look perfectly! This book is Lou’s way of sharing all of her favorite beauty tips, tricks, and trends!


2. Lauren Conrad Beauty

lauren conrad beauty,

After staring on multiple reality shows about life in California in the early 2000’s Lauren, or “LC”, has become one of the most highly followed fashionistas! Lauren Conrad beauty is her latest beauty book following her books about style, life on TV, and many others! Her tips range from how to create flawless foundation to crazy nail art. The books shows off her quirky and totally Pinterest worthy style and teaches you how to achieve her look as well!






3. The Teen Vogue Hand Book

beauty teen vogue

As one of the world’s largest magazines for teens it’s no surprise Teen Vogue was able to create the perfect fashion handbook for girls! The book is a guide through creating your own unique style while taking inspiration from all over the style scene! Inside are contributions from some of the world’s most famous designers giving you their advice and guidance. This book is perfect for anyone needing help on creating a new look!





4. Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown


As said on the cover, the book is perfect for make up beginners to total pro’s, covering a wide range of people who totally love make up! Bobbi has become one of the most famous make up artists and has her own make up range that is one of the top selling in the country! With step-by-step lessons on how to perfect different make up looks, you can’t go wrong with this read!






5. 500 Beauty Tips by Seventeen Magazine

beauty seventeen magazine

This is the largest book on our list given the fact that this book has 500 tips on how to style yourself for school, life, prom, you name it! Seventeen Magazine in notorious for knowing exactly what’s trending for teens all the time and has become a beauty best friend to thousands of girls around the globe! This book will no doubt have everything you need to know about beauty and style!

I hope these were helpful and that you can read through them for some style inspiration!

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