Been out … But not down



Yep, the normal phrase is “down but not out” but for me, I’ve been out (of blogging for a bit) but not down! To be sure my short absence was not deliberate – I often composed (in my head) articles I wanted to blog about…but I just couldn’t get it out as I have been swarmed with so many other matters.
After my initial stage of worrying (a bit – as worrying doesn’t help much anyway!), I realised that my head was trying to juggle too many things all at once and that I could hardly think straight to get most of them done. The urgency (or should I say importance) of these matters were such that I knew I couldn’t let things slip for no good reason. For one thing, I had a number of publishing deadlines for my next books (including the sequel to TOMY the Dreamer – book 2 in the series titled: TOMY LEARNS TO CELEBRATE). So early this week, I made a commitment to get organised and over the past days, I set to work doing just that.

I did a kind of mind mapping exercise and I wrote down all I had stored up in my mind (family matters, stories, plots, publishing strategies, marketing plans, etc, etc). The mind mapping worked wonders and in just a few days, I’ve been able to cross out some of the urgent tasks that were previously perpetually pending. Now, I am so relieved from carry all that weight around in my head, that I am certain I’ve done myself some justice.

Better still, I’m now back to blogging – hurray!!! So if you have ever been or find yourself in a similar situation, I suggest you take a shot at mind mapping – it just might help!
Till next time…
Caritas, Linda

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