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Miss O Girl Reporters
A group of savvy girl writers from the Miss O and Friends site, reporting on news and stories relevant to girls between the ages of 9-16 years of age. Please share this link with your daughters. They WILL read it!

How to Get Curly Hair: No Heat Summer Curls

summer curls, how to get curly hair

How to Get Curly Hair without Heat It’s summertime! Everybody are busy wearing new hairstyles! So What about curling our hair this summer? We can create so many hairstyles using our ...

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Body Image Traps Not to Fall Into

losing weight traps

Body Image Traps Not to Fall Into Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s a huge difference in plus-size and healthy size. Accept how you look like and love ...

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DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas

jelly bean bracelet

DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas  Check out some DIY jelly bean crafts below! Get creative, have fun and you get to eat your creations when you’re done. As long as ...

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How to Ask a Boy Out

breakfast, couple

Crushing on the class cutie? This is the 21st century – don’t wait for him to ask you out! Asking a boy out makes you seem confident, cool, and collected, ...

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Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)

Dover Police

Dover Police DashCam Because everyone loves Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”…

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How to Make Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa drinks

How to make hot cocoa that will warm you up fast! The entire United States of America has been feeling the cold these days! I’ve heard those southern states are feeling ...

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Birthday Card Ideas and a Sprinkle of Sand

birthday card ideas

Here are some birthday card ideas that are special and unique, especially if u want this birthday card to be beautiful..first,write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in BIG BOLD LETTERS… after that.. get ...

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DIY Pencil Jar

arts and crafts

DIY Pencil Jar  You know that extra jar your mom has in the kitchen? Why don’t you turn it into a cool colorblock jar for containing your pencils! DIY pencil ...

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