The actually HEALTHY foods to eat

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The healthy foods you should be eating are…

I don’t understand why, or to whom has been the one ringleading everyone to believing that certain foods are good for you, and leaving out the actual good foods. Whoever they are, they are dumb because if people knew these secrets then the whole world(not kidding) would be happy and healthy.

Check out what I’ve discovered that are important foods to eat that in the long run will keep you satisfied and energetic

Wild Salmon

healthy family recipesSlimming superpowers: The fish’s omega-3 fatty acids could help you fight flab more effectively. They alter the expression of certain genes, shifting your body to burn fat rather than store it.

The amazing proof: In a study analyzing the diets of 35,000 women, published in Public Health Nutrition, those subjects who ate oily fish such as salmon two to four times per week had the lowest basal metabolic indexes, a common measure of body fat. 

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