Ways to Avoid ACL Injuries


ACL Injuries

Dr. Daniel Green, orthopedic surgeon from Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, shares some of his expert advice on Sports Medicine and what to expect when your daughter starts playing after school sports.

Read some of questions and answers he has provided to us, but feel free to ask him a few of your own!

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 I have heard that girls are much more likely than boys to have problems with their ACL. My daughter is starting basketball this year—what can she do to help prevent injury?

Basketball and soccer are two of the sports where we often see the most knee problems, including ACL tears. Girls are much more likely to tear their ACL than boys are—about 6 times, in fact. In order to watch out for this, there are strengthening and stretching exercises that athletes can do to reinforce the ligaments around the knee. The proper techniques to be used in cutting and jumping are also very important, and coaches can play a role in teaching these ways to avoid injury


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