A Tribute to Fathers.

father with child

A great HOORAY for fathers whose roles are often understated – at least in comparison to mothers.

The role of dads in the society can never be over emphasised. They truly give a home the solid secure foundation that’s needed for a stable family life. So I simply give a shout out to all fathers who take their role seriously. Inclusive in this are:
Fathers who¬†provide for their family’s material needs;
Fathers who provide for their family’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs;
Fathers who are accessible to their children;
father with childFathers who are faithful husbands;
Fathers who are loving shepherds;
Fathers who are bold warriors and defenders of their family;
Fathers who are devoted brothers, wise friends and loyal companions.

These are men who everyday reflect to the world the true attributes of God the Eternal Father…may their children love and honor them always.

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One Comment

  1. sarah

    Just like anybody else, fathers are imperfect people. But a father will always be father to his family no matter what.

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