A sparkle in their eyes


Written by Linda Unugboke

A sparkle in their eyes… A dream in their hearts… A spring in their steps…

What do you think TOMY – the Dreamer’s story is about? (www.tomythedreamer.com)


For me, it’s about opening our children’s eyes to a new world of adventure – a world where anything’s possible!!! I can just see my 5 year old son wide-eyed going “whao!” when I paint to him the picture that he’s a star and has extraordinary abilities just like Tomy!

I can see him saying, “Mum, I want to be great as a super-hero and I want to be a great helper too!” when I tell him about Tomy’s desire: to be a super-hero and a great helper.

I can see him running to the laundry machine to take out the washed clothes as he recalls that Tomy helped his mum do the same – and as my son’s very competitive, he sure doesn’t want to be outdone by Tomy!

Honestly, he exhibits all these qualities of his own will – no pressure or hand-twisting from me… 🙂

All I do is read to him “the TOMY – the Dreamer story” as he calls it… and sit back and watch it work wonders… ha ha ha!!!

Have you read TOMY – the Dreamer to your child? What do they think about Tomy’s character and more importantly, can they relate to him? I would love to hear about your views so please get in touch.

I really hope that Tomy’s simple life story brings to our children,

A sparkle in their eyes…

A dream in their hearts…

A spring in their steps…

Till next time,


Caritas, Linda

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