7 Minute Workout With Alli Simpson Starts Now!

Alli Simpson

Workout with Alli Simpson! It only takes 7 Minutes and you’re set for the day!

Yay… thanks to the Workout with Alli Simpson, you don’t need to burn your breathe for hours at stretch.

I’ve compiled (and worked hard) you the 12 exercise to complete your 7 min workout! 7 Min Workout is basically an app in the App Store. You can get it play with your excess calories daily or weekly. This app give you 12 exercises to practice for 30 seconds each and 10 seconds to rest after every exercise.

So get on your exercise gear and move this body!

1. Jumping Jacks

All you have to do is jump like Alli in the vid below till the app will tell you when to stop. Stop and have a 10 seconds rest.

workout with Alli Simpson- jumping jacks

2. Wall Sit

You sit for full half-a-minute with your back pressed to a wall. Take a good look at Alli and how she does it. And then, rest! This will hopefully, teach you balancing. An here’s a tip: sit like this while on phone too. You’ll never even notice it!

workout with Alli Simpson- Wall Sits

3. Push Ups

Push Ups are a bit hard but do try. You got the mettle in you! We know it cos every Miss O girl is a superstar! Keep doing for 30 secs! And move on!

workout with Alli Simpson- push ups

4. Crunches

It’s like a reverse pushups but all you have to do is lift your head a bit high. Its so easy that you’ll never notice the time pass away.

workout with Alli Simpson- sit ups

5. Step Ups

You get a chair, stand in front of it in your sneakers or vans. Step on it with your left foot, step back, and step up again with your right foot. Keep it up for 30 seconds and you are clear!

workout with Alli Simpson- step ups

6. Squats

Make a fool of yourself by swimming in a pool with no water! Act like her and you will have only 6 steps to go then. DO NOT hit the floor with this moves.

workout with Alli Simpson- squats

7. Triceps Dips

Take that chair again, and standing with your back to it, put your hands on its seat, and pull yourself down like someone has pulled that chair from your reach. Fall down again and again like that person keep fooling and you keep playing the fool!

workout with Alli Simpson- tricep dips

8. Plank

YES! Just stay like this. For 30 seconds! Don’t move or the app will self-destruct!

workout with Alli Simpson- plank


9. High Knees Running In Place

Keep running on the same spot. Try to get your legs as high as possible. Yes, you’ll get there in time! Only 3 to go!

workout with Alli Simpson-High Knees Running In Place

10. Lunges

‘Lunges’ is same as Step Ups. Without the chair though. It’s easy, but don’t hurt your knees!

workout with Alli Simpson- lunges

11. Push Ups With Rotation

It’s the mash-up of Jumping Jacks and Push Ups. Do it lying down and rotate your arms like wings. Viola, senorita, you are air borne.

workout with Alli Simpson- Push Ups With Rotation.gif

12. Side Plank

Stay like this but only on one hand for 30 seconds.

workout with Alli Simpson- Side Plank


AND YOU’RE DONE! Congrats! Wohoo! A whole new you! Way to go, girl!

workout with Alli Simpson-Workout Done


There you go! A 7-minute workout with Alli Simpson.

Posted by Madiha_Y 15 on April 11, 2014 in Health & Beauty

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