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3 healthy recipes to make with your kids

  1. Salad in a jar

So, your kids are not really fond of salads? Now, there is a trick that will surely make them interested in preparing and eating salads. The best thing about this recipe is that you actually let your child pick out the ingredients. We opted for carrots, corn, strawberries, avocado and spinach to make it colourful. Of course you will need a mason jar. First, you will need to cut the ingredients into tiny pieces and show your child how to do it carefully. After you have cut it all, just put them all in front of you and decide how you will layer them. And it is all it takes!

Kids love shaking the jar so you may want to show them how to do that too. And the trick why they love the salad is actually a piece of fruit you will put, as we opted for strawberries. I promise you will enjoy it!salad in a jar

Choose preparing healthy dishes with your kids to teach them how to cook and be creative while you have fun. This experience can become a habit if you choose the recipes wisely, so you’d better visit some motivational websites which will make your children grab the pans.

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