25 Days of Holiday Giveaways

gold ribbons, wrapped presents

25 Days of Holiday Giveaways

gold ribbons, wrapped presentsIf you or your daughter like to enter contests, here’s a super simple one to enter. Each day, visit MissOandfriends.com, a safe socialization website for tween/teen girls. They are giving awaycool gifts, something a tween/teen girl would love. They have been busy shopping and finding some great holiday giveaways. Some mystery prizes are there too!

Here’s what you need to do to win:

hello-kitty-pink-wallet_lg, holiday giveaways1. Join the MissOandfriends.com website. Become a member first, then login and it’s free!

2. Take a spin around the site and look for games, quizzes and dress up game sections where you can win points.

3. You can also earn points by answering questions on the Wall.

4. Earn as many points as you can, then go to our 25 Days of Giving page and check out the prizes you can win. There are new ones every day, so keep checking back. THIS is where you can SPEND your tokens (points turn into tokens). Select the gift you want to win at the bottom drop down list, enter any amount of tokens you want to spend and then wait until the day the contest ends. It’s a fun activity to do with your daughter. Play games together and shop, what could be better!

5. When the contest expires (each one lasts about 4-5 days long) then the winner is announced. You will be contacted by email (which is why you need to login).klutz-watercolor-book_lg, holiday giveaways If we don’t have your email, we can’t notify you!

That’s it!  So take a look at this fun and safe website for girls, MissOandfriends.com and start entering. These gifts make great stocking stuffers and great gifts for any any young girl.

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