Which Celeb Has the Most Buzzed-About %^@!

Friday – June 17, 2011

Move over Kim Kardashian — there’s a new (albeit, older) backside in town!

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The ever-ageless Jennifer Aniston, 42, has kicked some serious butt in new search data released by Bing.com that says users have searched for her bum a total of 18 million times while Kardashian’s famous backside was searched just 16 million times. These numbers may be surprising to some, as the 30-year-old reality TV star’s bikini pics are always hot items.

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And the data findings only get more interesting…

Apparently Sarah Palin has a pair of longed-for legs. So much that users have searched for how to get the 47-year-old politician’s stems over 8 million times. But the surprise doesn’t stop there — Taylor Lautner, the steamy 19-year-old Twilight star, only has 3.7 million searches surrounding his sculpted abdominals!

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Jennifer Hudson‘s 80-pound weight loss under the Weight Watchers program has caused her journey to be the most-searched celeb diet on Bing. And Beyonce‘s lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup concoction, otherwise known as the Master Cleanse, has rung in for the fourth-highest searched star-slimming diet.

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