10 Kindness Ideas for #RAKWeek2015

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10 Kindness Ideas for #RAKWeek2015

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation celebrated “Random Act of Kindness Week 2015” from February 9 to 15 this year. The goal was to do a small act of kindness every day for the entire week. Together, RAK volunteers, also known as RAKtivists aim to complete 100,000 acts of kindness by February 15. If you haven’t thought of joining this challenge before, it’s time to dive in and do your part in spreading kindness around you.

In case you’re wondering, here are ten awesome kindness ideas for you to celebrate the week of kindness. Once you perform an act of kindness don’t forget to share it on social media with the hashtag #RAKWeek2015. This will help other people to take inspiration from whatever you have done. Kindness is contagious so you never know how many people will follow suit and do their bit too.

  • Let someone move in front of you in line

The next time you find yourself standing in a queue at the superstore turn around to see who’s behind you. If the person standing behind you has fewer items than you or if he or she is an elderly let them come in front of you.

  • Compliment someone

The next time you call, email, or meet someone in person give them a small compliment. It feels good to be complimented. So, don’t forget to make someone’s day simply by complimenting them.

  • Spread Positive Thoughts 

Write positive thoughts on some sticky notes and post them at different places in your home, school, or office.

  • Be kind to someone you don’t like

I know it’s hard to do but just this week let’s be kind and polite to the ones we dislike. We keep brewing hatred in our hearts against people we don’t like. In his book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom writes, “We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.”

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  • Be kind to nature

Kindness is also about being kind to nature and environment. Think for a moment about the paper, food, and energy wastage we are all responsible for. Turn off the un-needed lights in your home. Ask yourself, can I go one week without drinking carbonated drink? Trust me, it won’t hurt. May be you can recycle stuff. If you have time grab some old newspaper, magazines, jars etc. and get involved with your kids in a DIY project.

  • Be kind to yourself

The kindness week is about being kind to people, but it’s also about being kind to yourself. Spend a day doing what you really like. Maybe there’s a book lying on your shelf which you had been planning to read but never actually got around to read it. Avoid junk food for a week and eat healthy snacks instead. It’s probably the right time to go grocery shopping and buy some fresh fruits for you and your kids to eat. Be kind to your body by drinking more water. Have trouble drinking enough water? No problem. There’s this helpful app called Plant Nanny that enables you to meet your body’s daily water requirement. Download it now.

  • Complain less

We all like to complain about this thing and that. It’s easy to complain but it’s hard not to. This week try to develop self control and complain less for a week. Instead of thinking about things you don’t have, give a thought to all the things which you do have.

  • Listen

It’s easy to talk but hard to listen. This week, be a good listener and don’t interrupt the person who is talking to you. You do a lot only by listening to what someone has to say.

  • Say ‘Thank you’

We are so busy complaining that we often forget to be thankful for things we take for granted. Every day make a list of at least five things you’re grateful for. Think about the bad times you may have experienced in the past. This will help you be grateful for what you have today.

mom and daughters

  • Smile

Just like kindness, smiling is also contagious. The big difference this simple act of kindness can make is immeasurable. Smiling affects the people around you, and it also affects your mind and body. It’s the cheapest way to increase longevity and live a healthier life.

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